Odity & sustainable development

Since its creation in 2011, Odity’s ambition is to offer its employees the best working conditions and to build a more equitable world. “Sharing” is one of Odity’s core values, dear to our founder Benoît Vorilhon.

In 2022, this commitment was renewed by Clément Polet, Deputy CEO Business, through the reveal of our Odyssey 25 plan, one of whose strategic axes is “One Team, One Planet”.
Since then, our action has intensified around the following 6 Sustainable Development Goals:

A tangible commitment

To Odity teams of our 10 contact centers

– Well-being: workspace, telecommuting
– Inclusion: disability, diversity, equality
– Training, career planning, internal mobility
– Responsible consumption with for example waste sorting

To charities working in the fields of education, health and environment.

– Historical commitment to education for all children
– New commitment since 2022 thanks to the annual Call for CSR Projects from Odity employees
– Commitment to our customers through shared sponsorship or end of year gift donations

Our commitment for Education

Odity believes in the power of education and its positive impact on society.

The school of L’ile Aux Enfants
Since 2015, we have been sponsoring several children from this school located in Madagascar, the historic site of the creation of Odity. Since 2020, we have largely developed this action thanks to sponsorship carried out in partnership with a long-standing client, which allows us to have even more impact.

We also fund other initiatives.
In France, we supported the Espérance Banlieues network by financing equipment for the “La Passerelle” school of Pierre Bénite, and a cultural outing for the “Cours Charlemagne” in Argenteuil.
In South Africa, we enabled 1,200 young schoolgirls experiencing menstrual poverty in Cape Town to follow their journey thanks to our partnership with FemConnect.

Our commitment for the Planet

At the heart of our values is “sharing” ❤️
“Cultivating singularity” is our signature 🌱

Each year, we offer our clients and partners the opportunity to support a social or environmental cause via an Odity donation, to support a project based on their personal convictions.

This is how we launched the financing of our new actions in favor of the planet via the planting of mangroves in the Boêny region in Madagascar and the collection of plastic waste on the beaches of the Sea Point promenade in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our commitment for Sport

Team spirit, surpassing oneself, performance…
Sport gathers values in which Odity recognizes itself.
Hence, Odity became sponsor of REC Rugby Rennes, a sport that Benoît Vorilhon is particularly fond of.

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