Cultivating singularity

From Paris to Milan, from New York to Tokyo, our teams are committed to transforming each customer interaction into an opportunity to offer an experience that creates value and cultivates the uniqueness of your brand.
We apply a unique approach to customer relations and experience, based on 4 pillars to discover below.


Counseling approach

As a trusted partner, we support the brands that work with us in their quest for excellence in customer relations and customer experience.

Based on the analysis of the brand’s specificities, objectives and needs, we define the approach, processes and team that will enable us to manage a customer relationship that meets the brand’s expectations.

By analyzing interactions, customer’s feedback and trends, we proactively suggest improvements on product, service, process and channels, that increase the end-customer’s satisfaction and their perception of the brand.


Talent management

Our multi-cultural teams of Customer Advisors and Brand Ambassadors are carefully selected and recruited.

They are continuously trained and coached to acquire new skills and knowledge that enable them to respond to customer requests while subtly embodying your brand’s singularity.

Every day, our teams strive to serve the brand’s customers by providing an empathetic and personalized response, and take pleasure in making each interaction a pleasant, even a memorable one.


Proximity with your Customers & Teams

Our international blueprint, with 10 contacts centers located all around the world, allow us to understand the local specificities, culture, behaviours and usages. This is how we find the perfect tone to engage with each customer.

Just as we are close to end-customers, we are close to brand’s teams. Agile, we adapt to their organization.


Excellence in Customer operations

We believe that operational excellence is a prerequisite for relationship excellence. And that data is key to enable us to monitor, control, understand and improve our performance. But also to enrich brands customer knowledge.

To do this, we rely on a team of business experts and the best tools on the market to provide a quality, tailor-made service covering omnichannel customer relationship management, while respecting the security and data protection rules in force.