09 Feb 2023

Odity supports social impact projects with its collaborators

In May 2022, Odity launched its first Call for CSR Projects among its 1,500 employees worldwide.
The objective of this program was twofold for them. Firstly, to raise their awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and share the 6 priority goals for Odity; and to offer them the opportunity to support a project that is close to their hearts through a special prize and thus contribute locally to Odity’s commitment.

The Executive Committee was delighted to see the interest and discover the initiatives proposed by our employees in France, Belgium, Italy, Madagascar, South Africa, United States and Japan.
Among all the projects presented, three were selected and submitted to the employees’ votes. After a week of suspense, the winning team was contacted personally by Clément Polet, our Deputy CEO. With 44.32% of the votes, Odity Cape Town team won the project.

The genesis of the winning project in Cape Town

From the announcement of the Call for CSR Projects, three Brand Ambassadors, the Office Administrator, the Operations Manager, and the General Manager decided to team up at Cape Town.
All members felt inspired by the 2010 Oscar-winning documentary film “Period. End of Sentence” directed by Rayka Zehtabchi. The purpose of the film was not only to support feminine hygiene by providing access to basic products but also empower the women to shed the taboos surrounding menstruation.

Sadly, period poverty is still a reality in South Africa. Every month, young girls miss class during their period (which can vary from 5 to 10 days). This happens because they cannot afford to leave home without a sanitary napkin. And the lack of hygiene increases the risk of infection for these girls as well.

End Period Poverty is one of the missions of “FemConnect”, a femtech organization founded in 2020. FemConnect is a women’s health one-stop-shop that allows easier access to feminine hygiene products. They runs digital and physical fundraising campaigns to help girls/women experiencing period poverty in selected areas in South Africa.
The team naturally contacted FemConnect to discuss a joint action, and they chose two schools: Sithembele Matiso Secondary School and Oscar Mpetha High School, in Cape Town.

The launch of our partnership with FemConnect!

Last October, the Odity Cape Town CSR team introduced Clément Polet, Deputy CEO, to Asonele Kotu, Founder of FemConnect and to her core team.
After a friendly breakfast, it was quickly agreed that the launching of the operation would take place in 2023 in order to support the young girls of the 2 schools during the whole academic year.
With FemConnect, our team will distribute monthly sanitary pads to more than 1 000 schoolgirls in 2 schools in Nyanga area.
One could feel the enthusiasm and involvement in the room among all members associated with the project.

“A wonderful sharing moment with the FemConnect team in Cape Town! Their energy to defend a cause both focused on education & health helps Odity to accelerate its support for projects with social impact.”

Clément Polet, Deputy CEO
Members of Odity Cape Town CSR Team

The first distribution will take place on Friday 24th of February 2023, and the CSR Team will be present with FemConnect on this day. Stay tuned!