18 Dec 2021

Odity commits to Cambodia!

Agir pour le Cambodge

The “Agir pour le Cambodge” (APLC, or “Act for Cambodia”) association and Odity provide assistance to the people of Cambodia. As a Responsible Company, Odity sponsors the association to enable access to education, medical care and a new future.

APLC is a French NGO created to confront a humanitarian emergency and provide help for Cambodian refugees living in camps along the Thai border. APLC has as its mission to combat poverty through education and training programs. It contributes to reducing poverty and the fight against human trafficking.

Thanks to our contribution, the training of 33 students will be provided for. Thirty-three young people will see their lives transformed, as well as that of their family.

APLC continues its mission and its new projects in agroecology and entrepreneurship with an educational program revised at two years. In spite of some difficult months, the association is fortunate to have had an extraordinary and committed team at the Sala Baï school for the past two years.