Odity commits to Madagascar - Odity
11 Jan 2021

Odity commits to Madagascar

Since November 2014, Odity Group is commited to promoting access to education, development and sustainable mobility. We sponsor L’île aux Enfants (Children’s Island), a school/association located in Madagascar.

The Île aux Enfants project stems from a desire to work toward the education of children in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city of Antananarivo.

Every year in Madagascar, hundreds of thousands of children drop out of primary school, and over a fourth of them are deprived of further educational opportunities. The Anosibe Ivolaniray neighborhood, one of Antananarivo’s poorest, pays a heavy price for this situation.

In 2011, during a time of great difficulty and uncertainty in Madagascar, the school was built to enable disadvantaged children to take advantage of their right to good-quality basic education. In 2020, L’île aux Enfants provided schooling for 88 children, from pre- to middle-schoolers.

The school aims to be a driver of development for families whose children attend classes, as well as for all neighborhood residents.

Because Odity shares these values focusing on young people, the company has become the school’s partner and has sponsored more than ten children since 2014.

This project committing to the “Île aux Enfants” school/association for disadvantaged children in Antananarivo is part of a company social responsibility plan that is at the heart of Group strategy.