We manage Customer Care services for premium brands and luxury Houses.

Our talented teams respond to the daily requests of customers by providing a dimension of listening, empathy, proximity and advice.

Concretely, we manage the omnichannel relationship across all of your brand’s points of contact (pre-sales, sales and after-sales) on the communication channel (Email, Telephone, WhatsApp, Social networks, etc.) and in the language of your customers (+20 languages ​​spoken).

We support all types of customer interactions.

Customer Service

Trained in your brand, your products and the services you offer, our Brand Ambassadors respond to all the requests of your customers and prospects.

E-business Customer Service

Masterizing the DNA of your brand and the processes linked to your e-commerce site, our Brand Ambassadors advise your customers in a personalized manner in their purchases and respond to their requests for package tracking, exchange or refund.


Thanks to a great expertise of your products and trained in a high level of Customer Care services, our Brand Ambassadors create a personalized one-to-one relationship for privileged, demanding and strategic clients.

Virtual personal shopping

Experts in your products and in personalized distance selling, our Brand Ambassadors create one-to-one or one-to-many meetings, to advise privileged customers or support strategic product launches.

Lead Management

Our Brand Ambassadors contact your qualified prospects to guide them, reassure them, arrange a physical meeting or make a sale.

Back Office

Skilled in the management of your processes, our team members efficiently manage back office tasks, particularly in regulated sectors.

Our philosophy

We act with the brands as co-producers of a remarkable experience that will resonate with their customers.
Our digital “savoir-faire” and human “savoir-être” are combined to find the perfect tone to reach the most demanding audiences.
We are proud to carry the voice of the customer and to accompany each brand in its quest for a remarkable and rewarding experience for their customers.

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